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Giant-Size Werewolf #2

Werewolf by Night v1 #3

Werewolf by Night v2 #2

X-Factor #223

favorite characters (in quotes)
 julio richter (marvel)

That last one is the payoff of some of the best example of trolling ever.

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Madrox is such a reliable guy.


X-Factor #218

Jamie: Rictor…think you can tap the FBI’s database?

Rictor: I dunno Madrox, it’s pretty secure. Could take me a whole ten minutes.

stop showing off rictor

Unf. Computer confidence is sexy.


 » viii. James Arthur Madrox — Multiple Man
“Maybe in the end, what makes heroes into heroes is that we’re just too stupid to quit and as result, even in the face of total defeat… we occasionally luck into a win.”

#i can only hope this photoset was noir enough

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I loved this scene. Then again, I love pretty much every scene with Jaime.

Oh my god it’s a Wayne’s world spoof!!!!


Reading this always makes me laugh. 

X-Factor 200 page 15. 

Pretty much.