Good thing for my wallet nobody was manning the booth.


I love you, blind box HeroClix.



Ted Kord, Blue Beetle by Chris Samnee.

UGH, look at that gorgeous INKING


Welcome Back, Blue Beetle by Van Dorn

Love it.


Reading an old issue of Captain Atom. It’s been a while since I’ve read a comic with the original JLI in it, and I’d forgotten how delightfully annoying Ted used to be, back when he was young and hyper. These images are all saved as “shutupted[#].png.”

Oh, Ted. Shut up.


"We can’t say if Ted will have anything to do with Reyes or his blue scarab, or if he’ll even appear in his classic costume at the end of Forever Evil.

"What we do know is that Ted is coming back in one form or another, and that will certainly make a certain time-traveling hero quite happy."

Good news: Despite watching shows about how bodies decompose and looking at owl ear holes, I do not recall having any gruesome dreams last night.

Bad news: What I do recall dreaming last night was there was a TV show where Ted Kord came back to life and was going to be bros with Jaime and reunite with Booster.



—birds of prey #23

Ted does this thing where he tries to pretend he doesn’t have a body and won’t eat or sleep or shower and then crash.