Just randomly remembered that this happened, and it made me happy. 

“Would someone… would one of you, you three men I love… the only men I love… please hold me for a moment? I think I’m going to cry.”

Ow. Right in the feels.

Duh-na-na-na-na-na CATMAN!


First, I feel I should give props to this tutorial on how to modify My Little Pony dolls, which I used as a guide for this whole thing. I started with a Pop! Heroes Batman vinyl figurine from Barnes & Noble’s.

Cute, right? I certainly thought so.

My first step was to put down some paper to…



Bane takes a fatherly role to Scandal. Best way to start your adoption of a grown ass woman? Limit her ice cream consumption.

We still say this sometimes around our house…

“You can have ONE ice cream.”



The best part is that he completely skips informing her of his decision to adopt a father figure role and just immediately adopts almost stereotypical paternal behavior towards her with absolutely no transition. Hence her confusion.

(I guess growing up in a prison one is not necessarily presented with many father figure role models.)

(Source: holyfuckabear)


Adam’s favorite comic characters in no particular order

Thomas Blake aka Catman 

“On the far end on one side, there’s the Justice League, all shiny and sweet. On the other far end, there’re people like Joker and Darkseid, who’d kill everything and everyone, if they could. Us, we’re in the grey zone. Neither side approves of either of us.”


^ And this is why you don’t fuck with Scandal Savage or her girlfriend <3

My favourite issue of Secret Six and one of my favourite scenes from that issue right here.

Seeing Scandal beat that guy senseless for daring to act like such a fucking creep around Liana and then beating the hell out…

I am also such a huge fan of Jeanette and Deadshot there.


Amanda Conner Draws Jeanette @ C2E2

(As I was walking down Artist Alley after getting Norm Rapmund’s autograph, I did a double take. Amanda Conner was, without a doubt, drawing Jeanette from ‘Secret Six’ as a commission for someone. I stopped to watch and was delighted when Amanda gave me permission to take photos as well.

The gentleman getting the commission told me that he planned on getting all of the ‘true six’ drawn by different artists and he had picked Amanda for Jeanette. I told him that he had made a wonderful choice.)

I want something from Amanda Conner SO BADLY.