Is this Nicola Scott? Because I love the way she draws faces…

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Dude, they’re the TEEN. TITANS.

What do you expect?

Girl friendships! Yes!

  •  Blue Beetle #23
  • Brenda: Probably don't have to put up with this from your /other/ friends.
  • Jaime: No. This is about the point when Ravager tries to stab somebody and Robin starts that grind-y thing with his teeth. /You're/ way cooler.

#I wonder if she knows he’s talking to the scarab #M’gann M’orzz

Sure she does. She’s a telepath, right?


These two are my actual favourite Teen Titans ever right now :D

Seriously, Bunker is such a sweet, adorable character and Solstice is just so utterly hug-able :D

Right now these two are my main reason for buying the series each month. They both bring so much joy and optimism to the team and Bunker is just all kinds of awesome. Cannot wait to see what Lobdell has planned for this character in the series

Though I really do hope Solstice goes back to her original look at some point

For good or ill, Miguel just wants to be everybody’s Gay Best Friend.



What is animation? /crey

So cute!