2 different blue beetles
2 different best friends

i ought to stop late night doodles so i can go to bed at a more reasonable hour


Bart’s hair is quite possibly the best thing imaginable.

There were certainly worse comics for me to be in love with as a kid.



So in the Impulse series Bart gets this ability to send copies of himself through time called Scouts (I think). So I figured if Booster could run across Kid Flash + Flash on the time traveling treadmill and Parallax, surely he’d come across Impulse.

(I’ll get to Supernatural tomorrow! Aaaah.)

Booster rear-ended Flash

Impulse rear-ended Booster

it’s a vicious circle

This is amazing.

- I never took Bart seriously. Not as a hero. Not as a person. But I should have.
- Tim… Bart was a brother to me, and I will always love him… but he was a goofball. He was childish, he was… impulsive, obviously.

(Teen Titans #50)

"I’ve been calling him Dirk for months…"


game on by *Franky-chan

Franky uploaded another picture of my Impulse cosplay and DA! *_*~

It’s one of my favorits. I just love the lightning <3

That HAIR!


This one brought me back.



Here are some of the Superhero kitties I was doing.

Here we got Impulse!Kitty, Robin!Kitty, Starfire!Kitty, BeastBoy!Kitty, Cyborg!Kitty, and Solstice!Kitty.

If you have a request for another one, let me know~! I’m having fun with these