Tigra vs. Runaways

I want to meet that kitten. And kiss his belly.

Runaways Vol. 1 #16

When the jocky bad boy falls for the nerdy chick. <3

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Runaways v2 03

I don’t understand how the embodiment of dumb-jock-with-daddy-issues became one of my favorite characters, I really don’t. I’ll admit the robot hands helped.

Because he’s actually very vulnerable and not the sociopath he pretends to be — it’s a defense that he only uses against people that he thinks threatens the group. With them, he’s loyal, funny, dependable and kind. (Not to mention he fell in love with the chubby, angry girl with the glasses. That earned him serious points in my book.)

But when he says “poor upbringing”, he MEANS a poor upbringing. The other kids’ parents all at least pretended to love them. Chase’s dad beat him with a phone book so there wouldn’t be marks. Have a heartbreaking throwaway scene (which takes place over a year after their parents are dead):

That is Chase having an instantaneous and involuntary reaction to a recording of his dad raising a tool to strike him. He brushes it off, but shit, man. That’s fucking awful.


Gertrude Yorkes & Chase Stein




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