Good thing for my wallet nobody was manning the booth.

deandraws whispered: It was the "Groundhog day before Christmas" fic that made me do it! I see it got you too! XD

I love that fic so much. It’s sweet, it’s sexy, it’s funny, it makes great use of the DC Universe… Ugh. SO great.

I’m a gigantic Boostle fan, if you haven’t checked my tag.

I love that they’re friends, like absolutely best friends, because for me that’s huge in a ship. I also like that they probably shouldn’t get along (Ted’s a nerd, Booster’s a jock, Ted got into the cape gig to honor his mentor, Booster got into it for fame, money and glory, etc.) but they’re actually more alike than they are different.

And because they have the whole tragicomic dynamic, the fic has so many possibilities. Booster becoming a big hero without Ted to see it is heartbreaking, but you can’t portray the two of them accurately if it’s all just angst angst angst. They’re funny and goofy and don’t take themselves too seriously.

If I could get rescued by any DC superhero, it’d have to be one of these guys.


Reading an old issue of Captain Atom. It’s been a while since I’ve read a comic with the original JLI in it, and I’d forgotten how delightfully annoying Ted used to be, back when he was young and hyper. These images are all saved as “shutupted[#].png.”

Oh, Ted. Shut up.

I think Booster Gold SHOULD be grim and gritty


I think if you think about it, it was Booster Gold’s job to protect the timeline before Flashpoint. And he failed. And in failing the whole universe got destroyed basically. Like it got replaced by a pretty similar one where everyone gets to be younger, which is a better outcome than having something actually completely destroyed, but for Clois shippers, Helena Bertinelli fans, Tim Drake etc that universe might as well have been completely destroyed because we all miss that.

Booster Gold of course misses his friend, Ted Kord.

So if I was writing Booster Gold, because of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff as a time traveller Booster Gold can observe the timeline from outside of itself as opposed to everyone else in the DCnU who don’t notice the change and so he can remember how the universe used to be. Either until now he was “just pretending” to be a clueless showboat who didn’t remember, or it comes back to him in dreams or something. So Booster Gold is basically the post-Crisis Power Girl of the post-Flashpoint DCU, the only survivor of the previous continuity.

So anyway, back to Ted Kord, Booster Gold remembers his friend and now not only has to live in a world where his friend is dead but a world where his friend never even existed in the first place! (Note: I know DC are probably going to take this in another direction since “Tom Kord’s son” got referenced in Forever Evil, Ted Kord probably does exist but so far hasn’t appeared. I think.) If he can do nothing else but tend to Ted’s grave so that Ted is remembered then that’s what he does throughout history, but now he doesn’t even haave a grave. So missing his friend, coupled with the failure to do his job is going to make Booster pretty grim right? He’s like the Ninth/Tenth Doctor except he didn’t actually commit timeline genocide thank goodness just failed to fix it.

Which then brings up the ethical questions of “fixing” the timeline. Now that the DcnU timeline is firmly established, would it be “right” for Booster Gold to try to reestablish the old universe since it now very much means the destruction of the new one? People would “die” to “resurrect” others and is that a fair price? And not just death. Fixing Barbara Gordon’s paralysis was something he tried to do but couldn’t and now that it’s been done should he paralyse her again? So if Booster wants to or tires to bring the old world back, that’s a little genocidal you know? And that’s kinda gritty. Because I guess grim and gritty doesn’t always mean wearing a bunch of pouches and smoking a cigar shooting people in the face.

Anyway, through all this Booster pretends to be shallow and fame hungry same as before in the post-Infinite Crisis Booster. So you can still have a funny book, but in the private moments it asks big grim and gritty questions.



Looky what I traded for today!


Good news: Despite watching shows about how bodies decompose and looking at owl ear holes, I do not recall having any gruesome dreams last night.

Bad news: What I do recall dreaming last night was there was a TV show where Ted Kord came back to life and was going to be bros with Jaime and reunite with Booster.


People who would know

I seem to recall either Max Lord or Oberon muttering to himself “Mama said there’d be days like this” at some point. Does anyone remember/have the panel where that happens? I’m pretty sure Booster and Beetle are making things difficult.

It’s either JLI or Superbuddies, I’m almost certain.